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Mocktail Kits

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Get in the Alena Spirit with our Beverage Kits! 

Our drink kits make wonderful gifts for plant & beverage lovers alike. 

Alena Botanica drinkware is designed to elevate the non-drinkers experience, create inclusion and keep the focus on Plants & Art.

We create Plant Art pairings with local Portland beverage makers and shakers. Some of beverage pairings are seasonal, you can also buy drinkware and mixers individually. 

Each kit comes two straws!

We can customize kits, if there is a pairing you would like to create. 

Our current offerings:

  • Happy Hibiscus Kit - set of 2 

Set of 2 includes: Two 16 oz Hibiscus Art mason jars, 2 silver lids, and 100 ml bottle of Portland Syrups Hibiscus Cardamom. 

  • Minty Fresh/Mojito Kit - set of 2 

Set of 2 includes: Two 16 oz Mint mason jars, 2 silver lids and one 100 ml bottle of Portland Syrups Mojito Mixer (non-alcoholic)

Set of 4 includes: 4 jars, 4 lids, 100 ml bottle of Mojito Mixer (non-alcholic), 1 bottle of Hibisbloom. (this combo with seltzer makes for a divine Botanica Beverage!)

  • Stop & Sip the Roses Kit - set of 2 

Set of 2 includes: Two 16 oz Rose Art mason jars, 2 silver lids and one bottle of 100 ml bottle of Portland Syrups Rose Cordial 

  • Lavender Lover Kit - set of 2 - ON SALE!

Set of 2 includes: Two 12 oz Lavender Art mason jars, 2 silver lids and one 2 oz bottle of Marionberry-Boysenberry-Lavender shrub

**Seasonal Kit: 2  Hibiscus Jars with lids and 2 oz bottle of limited Sauvie Peach Berry Pie Shrub** 

Botanica Beverage Recipe:  

Add your mixers to seltzer with some fresh squeezed citrus or sprig of mint or lavender garnish for a delicious mocktail to share! You will be the talk of the party with our Plant Art Pairings.

Optional additions: Bitters, Kombucha or splash of booze for the cocktail drinker!

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