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our story

The story of alena botanica started many moons ago with a girl, her camera, a plant identification book and an IPA. Alena, the creative force behind alena botanica, grew up on the East Coast. A love of travel, adventure, gardening & photography were instilled in her at a young age.
It was no surprise, the soul seeking artist moved to the West Coast after college in the early 90’s. Whilst hiking the Oregon coast, Alena discovered her plant geek. She also discovered this thing called craft beer. The love affair with hops is still not over.
Several years later, her passion for horticulture & craft beer continued when she moved back east to live in Vermont. She studied landscape design and found herself working for a new brewery called the Alchemist in the town of Waterbury in 2003. alena botanica was founded in 2008, in a small studio apartment by the railroad tracks in this special little town. It has been growing every since.

We have morphed and changed as all good businesses do, but one thing has remained the same. We love plants. We love craft beer. And, we love design. The intersection of art, design, industry, plants & beer is where we have found our sweet spot. They tell the story of alena botanica. And, so do our products. Each design has a story. A story about a place, a plant, a person and probably a pun.

We love puns and we love to share our work with you. alena botanica is back on the West Coast and excited to build the business in Portland, Oregon, where the craft beer and horticulture community is diverse and strong. Our Vermont roots stay strong and you might often find Alena in the Southwest, where she finds her greatest design inspiration from the all those pokey plants.

The root and success of this business is due to a wonderful community of plant and beer geek friends near and far. We love to collaborate with artists and designers. we call it design pollination. We also like our lifestyle of plant style. And, we are glad that you do too.

Thanks for shopping alena. Let's grab a pint or go check out a garden.