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The Artist Shadow

Happy Holidays!
Yes, long time, no bloggage.
No apologies.
It's just how it goes when you are an artist.
When you are a creative soul, you go through chapters or surges, I like to call them of intense creative drive and productivity.
And, you also go through intense periods of introspection and quiet. I call this the artist shadow. We can always see it, but sometimes our face is hidden and we are working behind the scenes, in the shadows, writing the script for the next scene.
Sometimes, you just need a break. And, a lot of time at the coast or in the desert. Those are my go to places for renewal and inspiration.
Since I moved to Portland, Oregon from Vermont, just over 3 years ago, I have had lots of artist shadow time as reflect on the old script, re-write some of the characters and the most exciting part, reimagine the new script for myself and my business.
I am happy to report, that the business has come out of the shadow over the last year and doing well. The quiet time during my sabbatical and move West has proven worth it, though not easy to make big life changes in mid-life, I still highly recommend it.
I was seeking and I am finding the things I was seeking and I am now in a surge of creativity and productivity, surrounded by artists, creative souls, lots of love, family and don't forget the plants. So many plants!  
I think it's really important to take lots of quiet time when you are a creative soul, as the only way I found the vision and drive for my business was listening to my shadow, my inner voice that speaks to just me. 
Have you been in or out of your shadow of late?
I look forward to hearing from you.
Plant Art, Alena

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