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alena botanica 2.0

Hello alena botanica family!
I am proud & excited to launch alena botanica 2.0 in conjunction with a new web shop & blog, just for you.
My old school fans know that I love a good muse and newsletter. For those of you that are new to alena botanica, welcome to our garden. Hope you will sign up for the newsletter and grow with us. Want to learn more about me and how all this plant & beer geekery came to be, check out our story link.
I've spent the summer designing lots of new products for you and I am very excited to also formally launch my Hoptanica collection this fall. Drink your beer in style with me, craft beer boys and babes. 

My latest beer geek moment came last week when I happened upon a local beer bar in the FoPo neighborhood of Portland, Oregon, when they were tapping a sixtel of fresh hopped Barley Brown's Turmoil. Hello! It was delightful. I do love me some CDA (Cascadian Dark Ale), throw in some fresh hop and the thrill of a limited batch, and well, I hope no one saw me drool.

I am also currently drooling over fall Anemones, Zinnias and of course, grasses. Golly, I do love ornamental grasses so. As a plant geek and photographer, this September light inspires me. I have always thought that early fall is the one of the most beautiful time in the garden. 
For my old friends and fans, thanks for your patience during the business move and reconstruction. Our roots are strong at alena botanica HQ, we will never  stop growing. We are more ready than ever to bring you a lifestyle of plant style with our new designs.
Let's grab a pint or check out a garden. Plant Style, Alena

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  • Margot Cole on

    Hello Alena!
    I met you at fellow beer geeks Monica & Travis’ on Christmas Eve. I’m glad I had a chance to see your website. It’s good to find out people’s interesting backgrounds.
    Also very lovely design – web site and merchandise.
    I too have a passion for plants and remember how thrilling it was to see hops in the field.
    Enjoy! Margot

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